Recently we took the kids to Fontainebleau State Park and had a fun picnic dinner and watched the sunset. We had so much fun! We hadn’t bought my kids swimsuits yet for the season so we just let them get wet in their clothes. 🙂 At first they were a little concerned about getting their […]

I was skyping with my sister-in-law a couple weeks ago and she mentioned wanting some family pictures taken. She lives in Colorado so we couldn’t really figure out a time to make it happen… haha. Then, I booked a last minute trip to Colorado for my sister’s newborn portraits and I texted Emily right away to […]

My mom and I had been scheming since Christmas about surprising my sister, Caitlin, and flying down to Colorado after she had her baby girl so that I could take newborn portraits of her. However, we had the hardest time planning it because how do you plan for something that could happen at anytime? Ha. […]

I love seeing dad’s who adore their daughters and Jon absolutely adores AnnaMarie. How could you not? Anna is adorable and I loved all her tiny features. I remember during Jon and Farrah’s maternity session, I enjoyed watching them interact and see their love for one another. In this session, their love for their brand new […]

There is something so special about a Fresh 48 session. The hospital time can be such a blur from all of the nurses visiting, all of the tests they run on your newborn, feedings, sleep, lack of sleep, visitors etc. These images capture a time that you may not remember 100% but that bring back […]

Happy 4th birthday Josiah Daniel! I can’t even believe that my son is 4 years old. I still remember the day we found out we were expecting him and how I was excited to get to know the little baby in my tummy. I remember when they placed him in my arms and I was […]

Visitors Round Two!

March 26, 2017

We had another set of visitors (check out pictures from our last visitors here)! We were so excited to have Mark’s sister and her family here from Colorado. You are not going to believe this- they DROVE 20 HOURS to see us with 4 kids! I was so impressed and felt so loved. 🙂 We […]

This past weekend I met one of my good friends at Fontainebleau State Park for some maternity portraits. I had so much fun! Stephen is hilarious and kept us laughing the whole entire time. Ethan and Lauren did amazing and smiled so well! They also loved playing while we took some couple portraits. I am so […]

I love laughter. I love watching someone laugh and seeing how their face lights up because it is so genuine. When someone really laughs, you get a glimpse of who they are. On my website, I define three words that I want to describe my business and they are genuine, beautiful, and uplifting. When I […]

This past weekend I took maternity photos for the most adorable couple at Fontainebleu State Park.  They were so precious and have the sweetest love for one another. I loved watching them interact with one another. Throughout the whole photoshoot, they were so adorable and had me melting at their cuteness. They were sweet with […]






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