My mom and I had been scheming since Christmas about surprising my sister, Caitlin, and flying down to Colorado after she had her baby girl so that I could take newborn portraits of her. However, we had the hardest time planning it because how do you plan for something that could happen at anytime? Ha. But then my sister was a week late and was going to be induced and we were able to book a flight to Denver. My sister was SO surprised which made it so fun. Because we live so far from family I have never met a niece or nephew until they are usually a couple months old. It was so fun to be at my sister’s house when she came home from the hospital. I was able to hold her a lot and help my sister out and feel like I was a part of it.

My brother in law, Taylor, was so cute with his daughter. He was smitten and it was precious to see. But you know what else was precious to see- how much he adored my sister and was helping her out. Sutton was having a hard time nursing because she had a tongue tie and Taylor was there helping Caitlin out for every single feeding. He was bringing her water and making sure she had what she needed. I loved watching his love for his two girls. I am thankful that my sister is married to such a kind man and that Sutton is going to grow up with a daddy who adores her.

Didn’t my sister do such a great job in Sutton’s nursery? I loved it. Sutton’s nursery theme was foxes. I love the little baby details. My sister-in-law made this mobile. I have some seriously talented siblings. I love these little toes. I love the way she is looking at her daddy. She looks so tiny here. Her heads fits in Taylor’s hand completely. She is also holding on tight to her daddy’s hand. Melt my heart! I love watching my sister be a mommy. She is a natural.  I love when we are able to step outside and take pictures. These are some of my favorites!

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