Recently we took the kids to Fontainebleau State Park and had a fun picnic dinner and watched the sunset. We had so much fun! We hadn’t bought my kids swimsuits yet for the season so we just let them get wet in their clothes. 🙂 At first they were a little concerned about getting their clothes wet, and then they just had fun. My kids love playing in the sand and the water. It is also a shallow lake so it is a great spot to take kids! Besides the kids loving being at the beach, Mark has a paddle board he loves and I love to take pictures of sunsets so this is a great activity for our family.

If I am being honest, though, when we were getting ready to walk out the door we got a little overwhelmed. Taking 4 kids to the park with sand toys, towels, change of clothes for after so they don’t complain the whole way home, dinner, snacks, water, diapers, paddle board, camera, and I am sure I forgetting something on our list is a lot of stuff. We were tired and we were just packing everything into the car. We still had to get everything to the beach. We almost went and bought a beach wagon on the way to the beach. Haha. Once we made it to the beach, we had the best night. My kids are still asking to go back.

This was Kamden’s first time to play in sand and he loved it. He is such an inquisitive little boy and he just crawled everyone and investigated.  I love his little toes.

I love watching Abbie play and enjoy life.  I told Siah I was taking his picture and he started making fighting founds and acting something out… haha. Gotta love boys! These two… I love their relationship!Here are a couple more of Kamden… because he is so cute! He was so proud of himself because he stood up all by himself! He hasn’t started walking yet but he does love to stand by himself. Abbie is just the sweetest and I love her big smile. Josiah adores his daddy and wants to be just like him. I am okay with that because I think my hubby is amazing. Josiah loves paddle boarding like his daddy. He is so cute- he tries so hard to get the paddle board to move with the paddle and he does a decent job! My sweet Melanie- my oldest. She is such a precious child. I love when my hubby gets to do the things that he loves. The start of a beautiful sunset. Taking pictures of sunsets is one of my absolute favorite things to do. When I get to take pictures, I get to pursue a hobby and something I love and I get recharged. I am so thankful that Mark knows when I need some recharging and he watches the kids while I enjoy the sunset. So thankful for fun family memories enjoying God’s beautiful creation.  

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