I love seeing dad’s who adore their daughters and Jon absolutely adores AnnaMarie. How could you not? Anna is adorable and I loved all her tiny features. I remember during Jon and Farrah’s maternity session, I enjoyed watching them interact and see their love for one another. In this session, their love for their brand new daughter was precious to see. I love watching parents care so deeply for this little baby that they just met. All of a sudden, there is a family of three and you can’t imagine life before Anna was born.  She is so adorable and I loved all of her little features.  Farrah was so beautiful and looked amazing. She is a natural mother and Anna is blessed to call her mommy. Between pregnancy, labor, and feeding around the clock, having a baby can be a lot on the mother, but you do have an incredible bond with your little one. Farrah calmed Anna down so well during her session and you could see her love shine so brightly for her daughter. I love this photo and I love squishy newborns.  I love this one. We stepped outside for a little bit. I love when I am able to do this for newborn sessions. Their joy just exudes from the photo. This photo was so natural and I didn’t even ask them to do this but I think it is just PRECIOUS! Baby yawns. I love how little the baby looks in daddy’s arms. This crib was Jon’s when he was a baby and now AnnaMarie is using it. I love when a family passes something down through generations.

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